A Chance to Let Go In Colorado

Little did we know that a family vacation to Colorado in late August would actually give us the dose of “reality” all four of us needed! Although we have taken trips back to the Midwest to visit family, this trip was something different and the first of its kind for us!

We were fortunate that we could use my mother’s timeshare to exchange for a lakeside tri-level unit in Pagosa Springs Colorado, an hour outside of Durango. Our goal was to RELAX as much as possible. After all, I had just started a brand new public relations job in June, the kids were busy with their summer activities, and my husband had hardly taken any substantial time off in a year and a half.

It was time for downtime. And in my mind, that meant more time for cooking too. Fortunately, there was a fully-stocked kitchen in our room and we used everything that was available to us.

On the hour ride into Pagosa from Durango, we came across a country-style general grocery store–right out of the Old West. I went in alone and tried to select the essentials we would need over the next few days.

Of course fresh fruit was essential. I grabbed a pineapple, cantalope and some wonderful grapes. The veggies were a little sketchy but I found some great yellow squash. We were in the mood for steaks that night so I grabbed some rib eyes. I also grabbed some hamburger and thought, “a shepherd’s pie would be wonderful for tomorrow.” I made sure I had some onion, a bag of russets, butter and some sour cream for the ingredients of my pie–loving the idea of making mashed potatoes. One of my favorite things to eat on earth! The theme for this trip was comfort and simplicity.

When we finally arrived, it was heaven to look out over our small lakefront view, whip out some butter, throw it in a hot pan and sizzle those steaks while sauteeing some yellow squash on the side. We sat down–all four of us travel-worn but content–my husband opened some wine, we all breathed a sigh of relief, said a prayer and felt blessed that we were safe and sound in a world that belonged solely to us for an entire week. Simple as that.

If you would like to see the recipe for my shepherd’s pie, view this previous blog entry and enjoy!