Quick Pot Pies to Die For: How to Make Individual Pies for a Family of Four

I can remember when I was a kid and I could hardly wait for the Stouffer’s chicken pot pies to come out of the oven after about 40 minutes—all browned on top and oozing down the sides of the mini aluminum pie pan with creamy goodness. I just wanted to devour the thing right when it came out of the oven but quickly learned it wasn’t worth burning my mouth off! I had to be patient. 

Now days I still crave the yumminess of a pot pie but for some reason, the frozen ones don’t appeal to me as much. Maybe it’s because the tiny aluminum pie tins were replaced with microwavable cardboard. Or maybe it’s the sheer number of calories and fat in them that I just can’t bring myself to splurge on.

Maybe, being a mom of two with a job and a household to manage, I really just don’t have the time to wait for them to bake and I refuse to microwave them! I don’t know. But what I do know is that I made my own several weeks ago and it was everything I wanted in a pot pie.
I have to say this recipe was a long time in the making. First, I knew I had to get four medium-sized ramekens that would hold four individual pies. I wanted each of us in the family to have our very own! I finally found those at a World Market store.
Next, I had to find some way to make a low-calorie version of the creamy sauce that defines a pot pie. The inspiration hit me when I remembered my husband’s favorite meal: Chicken baked in Campbell’s Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup. There are only 60 calories and 2 grams of fat per 1/2 cup serving!

Then I needed to figure out if I wanted to make my own crust or not. That became a downright “no” when I finally picked up some Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust at the grocery store. Throw in a little frozen peas and carrots and I figured I could really pull this thing off!

This is my Chicken Pot Pie to Die For recipe:

-Two large chicken breasts, cubed into one inch chunks
-One tablespoon of olive oil
-Two cans of Campbell’s Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup
-1 ½ cup of nonfat milk
-1/2 cup of frozen carrots and peas
-1 package of Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust, kept refrigerated
-1 egg, beaten
-Seasoned salt and pepper to taste
To start, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Next, season the cubed chicken in a bowl with seasoned salt and pepper and mix. Heat olive oil in a large skillet and sauté the chicken until brown on the outside and done in the center.
Then, add the two cans of cream of chicken soup to the pan along with the milk. Reduce the heat to simmer and stir the mixture. Then add the frozen peas and carrots. Place a lid on top and simmer for about five to eight minutes.
In the meantime, unroll both pieces of pie crust on a floured surface. Beat the egg in a bowl and set aside. Take a ramekan and place upside down toward the outer part of the crust, leaving about an inch and a half of crust outside the rim. Take a knife and cut around the circumference of the rim leaving an inch and a half around the whole circumference. Place the circle of dough aside.
Next, dip a pastry brush in the egg and brush onto the rim of the ramekan. Then fill the dish to the top with the chicken mixture and place the circle of dough on top of the dish and crimp the edges in an up-and-over style. It does not need to be perfect! Combine the scraps of dough and roll out flat again to create crusts for the remaining pies.
Cut a slit in the middle and brush egg lightly over the crust of each pie. Bake the pot pies on a foil-lined baking sheet in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until the top is brown and bubbly. Just the way I like it! And the kids love having their own pot pies to eat and digging right in.

This is definitely one of the comfort foods that takes me way back. All I would need now to transport me back in time is an episode of the Odd Couple and a TV tray! Okay, I’m dating myself.